Super Visa Canada

Incase a permanent resident or Canadian citizen would like to call their parents or grandparents on immediate basis a temporary long term visit permit known as the Super Visa can be availed which allows them to visit and stay with their children/grandchildren for up to 2 years in Canada. The validity of this Visa is for 10 years. Up to 24 months the status/visa is not required to be renewed. The children or grandchildren can also apply for immigration for their parents/grandparents within 2 years of their stay in Canada.

The children or grandchildren need to meet the minimal income requirement as per LICO (Low income cut off) plus 30% rise every year as per guidelines of IRCC to apply for Super Visa.

The table shows the minimal income as per family size (size includes yourself, your spouse and dependents)

Size of family unit Minimum income – 2015
2 persons $ 38,618
3 persons $ 47,476
2 persons $ 38,618
4 persons $ 57,642
5 persons $ 65,377
6 persons $ 73,733
7 persons $ 82,091
If more than 7 persons for each additional person add $ 8358

The minimal income requirements would be equal to LICO (Low income cut offs)

Plus 30% which needs to be added every year.